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Producer Paul Pangman scoured the internet, in search of one state blogger from every state.


Names and occupations (as of the air date) listed under each video


Production costs were covered by Purple States LLC and the Carnegie Corporation.

Editorial Control

The producers selected the citizens and determined the content. The individual pieces appeared on CNN’s iReport, and many of them aired on The Washington Post broadcast Advice for Obama as op-ed video.


  • Produced by Cinnamon Kennedy
  • Field Production by Paul Pangman and John Kennedy
  • Video editing by Cinnamon Kennedy
  • videography by the 50 bloggers, using whatever camera they happened to have.

Advice for Obama

Economic Crisis


Bouncing Back



Day 1: Alabama

Jeff Barnett, mechanical engineer

Day 2: Alaska

Maia Nolan, paralegal, writer

Day 3: Arizona

JD Tuccille, writer

Day 4: Arkansas

Frank Lockwood

Day 5: California

Kris Arden, unemployed (translator)

Day 6: Colorado

Amy Gates, stay-at-home mom, writer

Day 7: Connecticut

Craig Powers, unemployed (software company executive)

Day 8: Delaware

Tom Noyes, healthcare finance

Day 9: District of Columbia

Claudia Olivas & Sergio Olivas, painter

Day 10: Florida

Jesse Kozel, actor

Day 11: Georgia

Marcio DaSilva, computer specialist for apartment management company

Day 12: Hawaii

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa, real estate data company

Day 13: Idaho

Kit Lennington, medical transcriptionist

Day 14: Illinois

Chanel Winn, adult etertainment

Day 15: Indiana

Jim Ansaldo

Day 16: Iowa

Tara VanBrederode & Jeff Angelo, attorney; community relations for telecom company

Day 17: Kansas

Carrie Evans, clerk

Day 18: Kentucky

Angela Parker, writer & marketer

Day 19: Louisiana

Judy Reagan, unemployed (restaurant owner)

Day 20: Maine

Gerald Weinand, architect

Day 21: Maryland

Geoffrey Vaughan, duplication technician

Day 22: Massachusetts

Graham Palmer & Mark Palmer, student; online marketer

Day 23: Michigan

Alexander Bouchard, unemployed (auto industry)

Day 24: Minnesota

Aaron Brown, community college instructor

Day 25: Mississippi

Scott Phillips, pastor & builder

Day 26: Missouri

Tamara Isaac, self-employed

Day 27: Montana

Lexi Sundell, artist & designer

Day 28: Nevada

Deborah Porter, event marketer

Day 29: New Hampshire

Katherine Morrison, web work

Day 30: New Jersey

Greg Kender, screenwriter

Day 31: New Mexico

Jamai Haquani, small business owner (merchandise)

Day 32: New York

Matt Wilstein, ad agency employee

Day 33: Nebraska

Christy Nelson, stay-at-home mom

Day 34: North Carolina

Maggie Hopper, unemployed (landscape designer)

Day 35: North Dakota

Eric Scondag, IT professional

Day 36: Ohio

Tebbe Farrell, musician & filmmaker

Day 37: Oklahoma

Kristyn Grewell, realtor

Day 38: Oregon

Jack Benneth

Day 39: Pennsylvania

Spencer Lewis, interactive advertiser

Day 40: Rhode Island

Ellen Croteau, unemployed (waitress)

Day 41: South Carolina

Meredith Allan, unemployed (TV news anchor)

Day 42: South Dakota

Todd Epp, attorney

Day 43: Tennessee

Simon Lynn, stagehand & carpenter

Day 44: Texas

Jason Kranzusch, unemployed (tech)

Day 45: Utah

Tony Naccarato, graphic designer

Day 46: Vermont

Lisa Carton, psychotherapist

Day 47: Virginia

Ali Wyne, think-tank researcher

Day 48: Washington

Lia Hollander, unemployed (tech)

Day 49: Wisconsin

Shawn Smith, unemployed (recent grad)

Day 50: West Virginia

Bob Burner, self-employed (web work)

Day 51: Wyoming

Jared Michaud, unemployed (writer)