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We decided to film in a few geographic areas — enough to span a range of cultures (by ethnicity, economic status, and place of origin), without sacrificing efficiency and coherence, and a realistic opportunity to build trust with communities. The combination of two metropolitan areas (Atlanta and L.A.) with a tribal setting (Montana) offered a revealing mix of stories. As we learned more about the potential reach and resonance of these stories, we added a few sites: Western North Carolina, Palm Springs, West Virginia, and (probably) Ohio.


  • Anthony
  • Ava
  • Brittany
  • Charlie
  • Esperanza
  • Israel
  • Kitchu
  • Mackenzie
  • Padam and Purna
  • Sherridan
  • Tomas
  • Zindy


The series was professionally filmed.


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is funding the project.

Editorial Control

In consultation with community liaisons in the filming locations, Purple States selected the storytellers. The Advisory Group has provided ongoing input. The Foundation has the final say on content.


  • Executive Producer: Cynthia Farrar
  • Producer: John Kennedy
  • Consultant: Shelly Kessler
  • Directors: John Kennedy, Samah Tokmachi
  • Videography: YOND3R, and Christopher Brown
  • Editors: YOND3R
  • Production Assistant: Daniel Vieira

Your Path to Our Health

Charlie's Path

MacKenzie's Path

Kit's Path