United Nations Millennium Campaign


United Nations Millennium Campaign



The UN Millennium Campaign selected the featured individuals.


  • Papua New Guinea - Morris Toevbe
  • Canada - Alexandre Carrier
  • Germany - Max Seedorf
  • India - The Village of Bandahar Khader
  • Kenya - Monica Amolo
  • Rwanda - The Honorable Berthe Mujawamariy
  • Spain - Lourdes Valenzuela
  • The Philippines - Marivel Bacalso
  • Egypt - Rabi’ Abdessamad
  • USA - Tamara Deford


UN Millennium Campaign. The methods were developed during the early stages of World Without Walls.

Editorial Control

The UNMC commissioned the videos, specified the overall themes, and had final say on the content of the completed pieces.


  • Produced by Cinnamon Kennedy and John Kennedy
  • Edited by Cinnamon Kennedy
  • Volunteer translators: These videos were translated and subtitled into ten languages
    • Arabic: Eric Barlotti, Eman Khader and Khalid Elshafie
    • Chinese: Zhu Jie
    • French: Gabrielle Friedman, Medhi Prevot, and Sara Kianpour
    • German: Florian Von Gierke
    • Hindi: Rashed Mohan and Anshul Tyagi
    • Italian: Michele Gianella
    • Portuguese: Sofia Nunes
    • Spanish: Grady Stickels, Inma Barrios and Anna Ortubia
    • Tagalog: Kim Kabigting and Rhea Alba
  • Vidography by Chris Overbeck and Stan Heist
  • Audio Recording by Bernie Ozol


Securing, translating, and editing the footage required a complex system of global shipping and internet connectivity.


The videos were shown on public television in Spain, on big screens in Manila, and on UN-affiliated websites around the world. The international congress of NGOs also broadcast the videos on their partner websites.

Vignette One: Goal 1, Poverty

MDG #1 : (End Poverty & Hunger) - Morris from Papua New Guinea and Alex from Canada demonstrate how food availability affects them.

Vignette Two: Goal 2, Education (India & Germany)

MDG #2 : (Universal Education) Max, an eighth grader from Berlin, films his educational life along side the village of Bandahar Khader in India. English translation by Florian Von Gierke.

Vignette Three: Goal 3, Gender Equality (Rwanda & Kenya)

MDG #3: (Gender Equality) Berthe, a parliamentarian from Rwanda, and Monica, a failed politician from Kenya, compare notes on gender equality. English translation by Gabrielle Friedman and Medhi Prevot.

Vignette Four: Goal 5, Maternal Health (The Philippines & Spain)

MDG #5 -(Maternal Health) - Lourdes from Spain and Marivel from the Philippines are in the same month of pregnancy, but their experiences with maternal healthcare are very different. English translation by Inma Barrios and Grady Stickels.

Vignette Five: Goal 7, Environment (USA & Egypt)

MDG #7 -(Environmental Health) - Tamara from Indiana, USA, and Ravi from Cairo, Egypt compare notes about the availability of clean water. English translation by Eric Barlotti, Eman Khader, and Khalid Elshafie.